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So About Flexibility

We have all experienced at some point tightness. Whether it be from a previous workout that has made you sore, or just naturally lacking "limberness". However, for a long time there has been the adage that you should be stretching before workouts, but what you will see most commonly are

The Core: Deeper Than It Looks
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The chances are, if you ask anyone what the "core" is, they will most likely abs and if you are lucky they may say obliques. While neither of these answers are wrong, the core goes little deeper than...

Women and Strength Training: 3 Myths Uncovered
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When it comes to strength training for women, there are many questions as to whether resistance training is really that beneficial in the first place. More specifically the "negative" side effects that supposedly accompany lifting weights...

The “Push, Pull, Routine: Functionality
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Walking into any average gym you will see a lot of the same things from a lot of the same people. Almost everyone is over working themselves on the treadmill, hitting chest on Mondays, and EVERYONE is only hitting one muscle group a day...

7 Things To Know For A Successful Fitness Journey
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Over years of training I have been able to find consistencies between people who achieve the fitness results that they want and those who don't. Getting there is a process that takes consistency, patience, and effort. Here are 7 things you should know if you want to begin a successful campaign to "get in shape". 1.) There is no room for excuses. This is probably the biggest hurdle of them all. At the end of the day, the results that you want are up to no one or nothing else but you. Putting forth the effort and convincing yourself why you can't or didn't do something is just an excuse.

Athlete-Client Evaluation
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I tell my interns and coaches this pretty frequently: No matter what the program is on paper, be it 12 weeks, 6 weeks, even 6 months, they are never written in stone. Things happen in everyday life that can affect the energy and training responses in athletes, and what you have planned that day for the athlete may not be the most appropriate based on how they feel.

Self Motivation..
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Remaining motivated in the gym is the most important aspect to getting the complete benefit from your workout. Often people derive motivation from exterior sources, for example, wanting to look better for a significant other, or simply to prove their “naysayers” wrong. While these sources are good for a moment in time they will ultimately diminish.

Personal Goal Sheet [Download Sheet]
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Personal Goals sheet download

Group Fitness Training Template
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The make up of a group fitness workout does not stray too far from any of our athlete programs in that we take the same approach to preparing the workouts and exercise sequences. Each session begins with movement prep, with mobility drills and corrective exercises specific to the individual needs, followed by our dynamic warm up that progresses into more complex exercises throughout its duration.