Personal Development and Motivation
The Necessity of Having Goals

Unfortunately there are many youth athletes, even ordinary people looking to improve their fitness who can never reach their fullest potential because they aren't setting goals and taking actionable steps each and every day to reach their goals. Confusing activity with Productivity

Sports and Life: Wise Words from Someone Who Has Done It
Category: Personal Development and Motivation

They say not everyone has a God given talent for sports but sometimes the one that works the hardest outplays the one with talent on any given day. KNOW YOUR WHY!! Know that your gift and opportunity is pre...

Traits of a Successful Athlete
Category: Personal Development and Motivation

The higher the level of play for any athlete, the higher the level of dedication and determination. Elite athletes devoted to their craft ALL have certain characteristics in common that make them successful athletes. From young athletes at the high school level to professional athletes...

Life Lessons and the Sport of Baseball
Category: Personal Development and Motivation

My first experience playing organized sports was playing baseball. It was my first time playing anything competitively. Now, I was never the best player on the team, but I was pretty athletic...

Decide to Decide
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A hungry donkey approaches a barn one day looking for hay and discovers two haystacks of identical size at two opposite sides of the barn. The donkey stands in the middle of the barn between the two haystacks, not knowing which one to select...

Self Motivation..
Category: Personal Development and Motivation

Remaining motivated in the gym is the most important aspect to getting the complete benefit from your workout. Often people derive motivation from exterior sources, for example, wanting to look better for a significant other, or simply to prove their “naysayers” wrong. While these sources are good for a moment in time they will ultimately diminish.

WPT Achievement Checklist [Download]
Category: Personal Development and Motivation

Here is a checklist that you can use for your fitness, athletic, or even professional journey. This is a strong way to keep you accountable along the way.

Personal Goal Sheet [Download Sheet]
Category: Personal Development and Motivation

Personal Goals sheet download

Buy In: A Key to a Successful Training Program
Category: Personal Development and Motivation

Over the past several years, one of the best processes to witness as a coach is seeing my athletes excel on the field and in life. Creating the habit of working hard and smart not only when it's mandatory but when no one is watching. This is a testament to their ambition. However across the board form our fitness program to our strength and conditioning program for athletes, the number one determinant to their success has been having a "buy in".