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Traits of a Successful Athlete..

The higher the level of play for any athlete, the higher the level of dedication and determination. Elite athletes devoted to their craft ALL have certain characteristics in common that make them successful athletes...

Early Specialization: The Detrimant
Category: Sports Performance

I have a saying that an athlete will NEVER get faster, stronger, or quicker just from playing a sport. They will only get better at playing that sport .

A Post On Effort
Category: Sports Performance

Back when I was playing college football, the first day of practice after a game was our positional meeting where we would break down and critique film from the game...

Peak Motor Coordination Velocity
Category: Sports Performance

This is a window in a pre-adolescent's life where they have an accelerated adaptation to motor skills and coordination development.

3 Strategies for Athlete Success [Coaches and Trainer]
Category: Sports Performance

As a strength coach, through both personal experience as an athlete and having coached hundreds of kids over the past few years, I have learned that there are 3 things that really help bring out the best in an athlete through training.