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The 6 Traits of Successful Fitness Clients

Over the past several years, I have literally been privileged to work GREAT clients, both athletes and regular persons wanting to better their fitness. However, during that same time period I witnessed people reach tremendous success but also people who struggle to reach their goals ..

7 Things To Know For A Successful Fitness Journey
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Over years of training I have been able to find consistencies between people who achieve the fitness results that they want and those who don't. Getting there is a process that takes consistency, patience, and effort. Here are 7 things you should know if you want to begin a successful campaign to "get in shape". 1.) There is no room for excuses. This is probably the biggest hurdle of them all. At the end of the day, the results that you want are up to no one or nothing else but you. Putting forth the effort and convincing yourself why you can't or didn't do something is just an excuse. People who are hitting goals don't make excuses.

Hey Trainers! Here Are 5 Things To Help You Achieve The Business You Want
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Firstly before I delve into my 5 pieces of advice, I am not going to proclaim to be THE best trainer/coach and that my way is THE only way to grow a successful business. These are tips that I myself have actually borrowed from not only successful fitness and strength and conditioning professionals, but successful entrepreneurs.

Perception and Self Image
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Research has shown that other people's perception of you can without a doubt have an affect on what you believe to be true. In a study done on a group of housewives in New Haven, Connecticut, after hearing for a week that they were considered charitable people , the housewives gave much more money to a canvasser from a Multiple Sclerosis Association.