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Hey Trainers! Here Are 5 Things To Help You Achieve The Business You Want

Firstly before I delve into my 5 pieces of advice, I am not going to proclaim to be THE best trainer/coach and that my way is THE only way to grow a successful business.

These are tips that I myself have actually borrowed from not only successful fitness and strength and conditioning professionals, but successful entrepreneurs.

Honestly this list could have about a hundred things on it, but I will focus on the 5 most important.

Here it goes....

1.) Having PASSION is great, but having a PLAN is better.

Of course you should be passionate about helping people in this industry. But as important as that is, it is even more important to have an actual plan.

You have to decide what it is you want your training business to look like. 

Do you want to do "bootcamps" , one on one, focus on just athletes , group training?

How do you plan on marketing? How do you attain prospects, and do you keep track of them?

How much money do you want to make? How many clients per month will it take to get you there? Do you just want to be a one man show or do you want your own place with a team/staff. How will you handle transactions? (Hopefully not cash only)

Too often people want to become trainers and profess to do it for a living but have not asked themselves these sorts of questions which are important for developing a plan to get there.

Yes be passionate. However passion doesn't plan for you. 

2.) No. You Can't Cater to Everyone if You Want To Grow

I'll admit. I had this mindset too. I thought in order to grow my training business that I had to train everyone who wanted to train with me.

Not the case. 

Straight up, some people are just pains in the asses and aren't a good fit. It doesn't mean they shouldn't train, they just can't train with me.

If you want to have a truly successful business and enjoy every single person you work with, then you need to go where those fish are.

Choose your niche and market to them. 

A good place to start is to decide who your absolute best client is and find out who their friends are and where they hang out, and get more of them..

Birds of a feather...

The day I decided that I would focus on the people who were the best fit for my coaching style and training systems, and not waste time with people who weren't committed, business exploded.

Don't chase every dollar, chase the right people.

3.) Education

There is no such thing as having a finite knowledge in this industry. I dont give a damn what certification or degree you have, you dont know it all.

Invest in your education, read, go to workshops, subscribe to reputable websites and learn something everyday.

I balance my readings between strength and conditioning, personal development, marketing and business books.

You will never catch me anywhere without a book. There is just too much I feel I want to learn.

You see, the reality of it is there is a trainer on every corner, but about 90 percent of them fail to educate themselves.

They either: 

Are training because they are in shape and it's convenient to make money from it (usually narcissistic posts on social media)

Get all of their information from unreliable internet sources and don't read actual books, and decided to stop learning after getting "certified"

Be curious. Learn the body. Learn business. Motivate yourself.

There are plenty of GREAT books to help you. Become your own University 

4.) Be A Good Person and Deliver Results

This one is self-explanatory but just in case...

People will do business with you under one condition...they LIKE you.

Don't treat people just like transactions and money in your pocket. Your clients are people before they are clients.

Be genuine and don't sell something you can't and won't deliver on. This is the quickest way to destroy your reputation and business.

That same passion you have as a trainer and coach will be evident among your clients.

Your energy is contagious. Genuinely care about people's wellbeing and this will for sure help build long-term successful business.

Being genuine and delivering results is key in maintaining and growing your business. It's the evergreen way.

5.) Determine Your Value

This ties in just a bit with the earlier point on marketing to the right people, here we are talking strictly financial.

If you don't value what you have to offer, don't expect others to. 

You should not be competing solely on price. Your services should be the main factor.

As a training mentor once said "You may not be someone's first option, but you should be their BEST option"

Charging a dollar to train just to remain competitive with other trainers and "bootcamps" won’t keep you around long.

Price your worth and don't be afraid to lose people in the process. It's just not the right time for them. Let them know you are there for them when they are ready.

Low end pricing means low end business.

Now I will say that just starting out you may have to price a little lower to get that initial traffic, however if you know what you want your business to look like, then you LL know when to set the limit.

These are 5 Things that have helped not only my business but myself in the process. 

It really is not hard to grow a training business. It just requires doing simple things on a consistent basis.

Don't be that Instagram trainer, or that big box gym trainer who does it as a side hustle.

Make a decision that you want the business and you will do what it takes, just like you tell your clients.

It won't happen overnight (thank goodness no bc you wouldn't be ready), but it will happen. 

Try these out.