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Perception and Self Image

Research has shown that other people's perception of you can without a doubt have an affect on what you believe to be true.

In a study done on a group of housewives in New Haven, Connecticut, after hearing for a week that they were considered charitable people , the housewives gave much more money to a canvasser from a Multiple Sclerosis Association.

The mere knowledge that someone viewed them as charitable caused them to make their actions consistent with their other people's perception of them.

Why is this significant ?

In terms of being someone just trying to improve your overall health, or even an athlete in a team environment who is working hard just to get the opportunity to play, this research highlights how important it is to surround yourself with peers who believe in you and your capabilities.

If you are on your fitness journey and you are working with a group of people with similar goals and a coach who constantly tells you "You can do it" then you will be more inclined to believe that you can.

If you are a high school athlete, and your head coach tells you after your very first football practice that you are "going to be a hell of a player" , then his perception of you will affect how hard you try and how well you play...if you believe what he says.

You see, your self image can be heavily affected by the perceptions of those around you. 

If they are mainly negative perceptions of you, then they can potentially have a negative affect.

But consistent positive perceptions and reinforcement can essentially help view yourself in a different light and align your actions with those enlightening views.